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Moar (crossroads and the coolest coworking space in DhakaΒ πŸ˜‰) and coworking spaces have become increasingly popular over the years, providing an environment where people can come together to work on their flexible time.Β 

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We will discover ways to preserve work-life balance in this blog. Co-working places provide flexibility at the workplace. Flexibility empowers employees to prioritize other aspects of life such as family, friends etc. At coworking places all employees collaborate while working.
This makes work less monotonous and gives you a community experience. If you feel bored at work, you can talk to the next person instead of browsing the phone. Enjoy every moment and take time to appreciate yourself for how far you have come. Refer them to the best coworking place so that they can enjoy a work life balance too.

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At Moar, we are keen to see our members grow. We often host events to create the initial connection between members to work and collaborate. Our aim has always been to not restrict our service only as a space provider but to create, impact and nurture a community that would make a difference both in the society and economy.Β 

If you have read this far and haven’t been to Moar yet WHY NOT BOOK YOURSELF A TOUR RIGHT AWAY? It’s free so come, experience the modern era hub for networking schedule a tour at: www.moarbd.comΒ 


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